Manatee Coffee Partnership with Save the Manatee Club Reaches Milestone

Manatee Coffee Partnership with Save the Manatee Club Reaches Milestone


SANIBEL, Florida, November 6, 2019: Manatee Coffee has long partnered with Save the Manatee Club to give back to manatee protection and habitat conservation efforts. They recently announced a milestone of $25,000 donated to support manatees.

“We love manatees and because of our customers, we are able to work with trusted partners like Save the Manatee Club to help sustain their environment for future generations,” said Nick Thompson, Director of Marketing at Manatee Gourmet Coffee.

Tonya Higgins, Save the Manatee Club’s Director of Development and Operations, has been very appreciative of Manatee Coffee’s contribution to the cause over the years. “Manatee Coffee is very generous in their support of Save the Manatee Club. Not only in their monetary contributions, but they have also donated so much great coffee to help keep our whole team alert and fully-caffeinated.”

Manatee Coffee is known for its gourmet coffee blends, with its most popular being Caribbean Delight. They partnered with Save the Manatee Club over a decade ago to help fund their ultimate mission of protecting manatees and their habitats for future generations. With November being national Manatee Awareness month as well as the month of giving, Manatee Coffee hopes their contribution will be used in efforts to increase awareness and education that ultimately reduces manatee injuries that arise as a result of human activity.

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Save the Manatee Club is an award-winning national nonprofit 501 (c)(3) established by singer/songwriter Jimmy Buffett in 1981. Their mission is to protect manatees and their aquatic habitat for future generations by raising public awareness; sponsoring research, rescue, and rehabilitation of injured manatees; and advocating for strong protection measures when needed. For more information visit

Manatee Coffee is a family-owned coffee company that is on a mission to care for their customers by giving them high-quality coffee, while also aiding in the improvement of Manatee protection efforts. Manatee Coffee takes great pride in sourcing, blending, and roasting 100% Arabica coffee beans that produce a very satisfying rich body of complex flavors. Consumers can find Manatee Coffee online and at select Costco retailers throughout the state of Florida.